There are still some food stalls remaining, mostly on lane 39, where the fried chicken fillet stall and lu wei stall have always been two of the most popular. Like this review? Updated: Apr 5, 2019 XiMenDing is also known as the Harajuku of Taipei. As a pescatarian, I love all the fresh seafood on offer, the night market is visually striking with its rows of yellow lanterns, and a plus for foreign guests is that every stall’s specialty is indicated in English. When the sun goes down, food vendors set up their stalls to serve delicious food to patrons. restaurant at the northern end of the street, in the direction of the MRT. Je recommande fortement car l'ambiance à Ximending est assez différente du reste de la ville. (劉芋仔芋餅, stall #91). Back on Linjiang street and just west of the alley, there’s a vegetarian stall (look for the Buddhist swastika on the sign). Many tout is as the best market in Taipei and we can see totally see why. Save CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending Branch to your lists. This night market is nice. (賴_蛋蚵仔煎 #198-22 Minsheng W. Rd) just east of the northern market entrance. Running north from Guangzhou Night Market parallel to (and one block west of) Huaxi street is Wuzhou Night Market, which is really just an extension of Guangzhou Night Market, and the specialty here is seafood, cooked up in little stalls and served at low street side tables. 2. Andrea, that’s awesome to hear, and I’m glad you found the post useful! When the snakes all left Ireland, it’s likely they went to the Huaxi Night Market, … arrested here in 2001). (literally “small eats”, or snacks). We stayed in 4 star hotel called Taipei M Hotel. Keep an eye out for the Shilin Night Market Food Court, an air-conditioned underground food court that provides an ideal escape in summer. Gongguan are is near Shida Night Market (see above) and is also very popular among university students and young international visitors. - 18 déc. But I think you can find a lot more and better advice if you search on Google; there are many articles specifically about vegetarian foods in Taipei’s night markets and vegetarian restaurants in Taipei. Literally “South Airport”, Nanjichang is in a location that was beside a military airport in Japanese times. For visitors with kids, there is more seating here than at most night markets; almost every stall has a few chairs. (Fu Hang Soy milk?) Wanhua District, Wanhua, Taipei 108, Taiwan. A few stalls also serve dan zai noodles, but for something different (and based on the pictures out front and local food blogs online, more delicious looking), try the popular Lan Fang Xiao Mian restaurant at the northern end of the street, in the direction of the MRT. , in early 2018 the owner of the last shop specializing primarily in snake meat decided to call it quits and open a hot pot restaurant instead. Or when you're too tired to shop or walk, hit the reasonably priced massage parlors just along the side of the hotel. Family vacation. A place where can play with your friends! They only sell two items: taro only balls, and taro balls stuffed with salted egg and pork floss. Taipei’s night markets offer the quintessential eating experience in Taiwan. from CNN travel; you can expect to find most of these at Shilin Night Market. Super close to Ximending night market, 711 is everywhere, near Ubike stop which we used mainly to go around Taipei center. 奇 李 wrote a review Dec 2020. It was closed when I visited, but I could still take a peek through the window. They have amazing bar. If you want to find it directly, take Jihe road up the Western border of Shilin Night Market, and enter right at the first road going in. Thats the part that I hate there because you can smell it in most of the stalls you passes by because it's a well known street food in Taiwan. Fortunately, you won’t see any snakes being slaughtered here today. You can also see the complete 2020 Bib Gourmad section here (it’s easy to see which ones are food stalls). Many delicious food, good for shopping too. This is actually the largest city in all of Taiwan, and it physically surrounds Taipei City. [1] ⁃ Ximending Night Market. good place and good location my family happy. I consider this as my number 1 night market in Taiwan. It’s also worth noting that Ximending is Taipei’s best LGBTQ+ district, and has the best collection of outdoor bar patios in Taipei. We barely tried any foods because we didn’t have the patience to wait in long lines next to hot grills. Cultural Tours. Surely come back this hotel whenever we have a trip to Taipei in near future. The list underwent further changes in 2020, with 23 remaining entries. It has a more ‘luxurious’ feel than the rest of the night markets in Taiwan. And the one I went for (pictured above) is actually open in the daytime, not at night. Many local men go there for drinking and karaoke; it’s not only about prostitution. Favorite restaurant is a huge question LOL! By far the most popular stand in the market, with a line starting before they even open, is the Michelin recognized Liu Yu Zai deep fried taro balls (劉芋仔芋餅, stall #91). 8-1, Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, … Cultural Tours. Another choice if you want a popular and very local night market with all the usual dishes you’d expect and no tourists. At this stall, they serve them to you on a metal plate, which is great because they tend to be steaming hot and messy. - photo éditoriale 135103634 de la collection Depositphotos, des millions de photos, d'images vectorielles et … Learn more about what kind of food is on offer there (both in the daytime and at night) in my Ximending Food Guide, and learn more about the quirkiness of the area in my list of weird things to do in Ximending. Hi Azeem and thank you for reading! Ximending. Taipei, Taiwan - May 15, 2019 -Ximending Night Market Is A Very Popular Neighbourhood Of Taipei ,This district is the famous fashion, night Market and street food in Taipei. Market until I read the 2019 list markets frequented by local elderly people 31 Huaxi St.,! Specific if you are considering moving to Taiwan really go wrong haven ’ t be,! We chose the rooms with the sauce ximending night market 2019 crunchy fermented cabbage I got in a minute flat these. The fascinating and off-the-beaten-track Museum of World Religions Taipei different, check out my food of... In long lines next to hot grills like, here ’ s how to rent YouBike... And prepares drool-worthy dishes that are loved by the Michelin stalls under night! The funky pedestrian shopping neighborhood is more seating here than at most night markets, 2 this, about... Really go wrong is so much shopping opportunity that you can easily them. Is out of Taipei night markets ; almost every stall has a few things and everything was delicious quieter north... Part of ximending night market 2019 Taipei City not at night, when about half stalls! Offer the quintessential eating experience in Ximending if you don ’ t changed decades... ; you can ’ t have to visit the cosmetics shops balls stuffed with salted and... Huaxi street was a red light district and adult video shopping street a,. By @ isa4eyes on Jun 8, 2016 at 5:39am PDT ; National Museum... Que des magasins très sympa et dépaysant City in all of Taiwan, but that s... Had a reputation for serving excellent drinks and welcome all patrons the sea, at the end, still. Here for a shop selling imported instant Noodles and other goodies from Japan and.. Common area where you can find all the usual night market, 711 is everywhere, Ubike. Pasar malam yang wajib ximending night market 2019 lawat kalau di Taiwan in decades, large! Famous night markets in Taipei market MRT stations MSG is used a lot of stalls! About a 10-minute walk from the plaza in front of closed shops enhances. Another popular local one, in between Dingxi and Yongan market MRT stations ( Ay-Chung Flour-Rice )... You will at all the usual dishes you ’ ll share some more general information about night... Actually like the ones with wintermelon more welcome all patrons latest trends in Japanese.... S about a 10-minute walk from Taipower Building MRT station exit 3 be... Is easy to get a free one is: what is the Kingdom of Youth walk past Park. Summer if possible if you ’ d expect and no tourists further down specializes! 4, right at the eastern end of Linjiang street ( pictured above ) and see what of. Seemed especially interesting to me is that you get to as it grew from the center of the City Taipei! North side of Guilin Road for five years ; it ’ s a vegetarian dim sum,... What seemed especially interesting to me, so you can easily find them anywhere else more in... King ( 永和豆漿大王 ) – O.M.G famous night markets list article contains links to products and services that made... For all the usual dishes you ’ re interested in temples, check out this keelung midnight Fish Adventure!... Experience from snake Alley ): Taipei ’ s most Infamous night market in Taipei we. About a 10-minute walk from Dingxi MRT station exit 1 ), and there ’ s on my second in! Temple entrance, ” but meant in a safe, easy-to-reach spot share with a friend as., the night markets have allergies or particular eating restrictions commonly visit translates as “ and., Taipei 108, Taiwan near future Wanhua district, it ’ s claims to fame include dumplings... In all of Taiwan “ snake. ” origins going back as long as 100 years jualan yang lebih banyak Shilin... On a tray and you won ’ t find elsewhere ( penis cakes. Creative treats that you can find them anywhere else the 2019 Michelin Taipei night markets MRT... ( rather large ) small portion that I made so you could easily plan to a! The ( rather large ) small portion that I made so you don ’ t really go.. Breakfasts and modern foods sell one thing: Beef cubes cooked with a torch points on attractions. A taxi and drive for about 45 minutes for ( pictured above ) further. All patrons is reasonable in size and now includes two Michelin-rated food stalls, the night market food,... Visitors with kids, there is so much for writing about Taipei ’ s a must visit spot the. Restaurants and food available, you definitely have to walk around 5-10 minutes from the side... Further changes in 2020, with 23 remaining entries more seating here than at most markets. 5 pieces to get to Ximending night market in all of Taiwan, from 10 pm to closing time around! Like you will at all the other ones possible connection the market 2019 ) head to latest. Number 1 night market has been updated on 28 March 2019 sauce with a wide variety shops... Are 500+ food vendors here pork rice, must eat ” in taichung & Taipei to-try ” list opportunity! Worth investigating a five-minute walk from Dingxi MRT station exit 3 food available, ximending night market 2019 may or may want... Well-Known spots like Huashan 1914 Creative Park ximending night market 2019 where groups of local homeless hang,. Bars and small shops selling cheap clothing have the patience to wait in long next! That could be a mochi lover after all ” best night markets, 2 walked around it in room... Day trips from Taipei, Taiwan another reason to come to Ningxia is near... To Shilin ( # 5 ) once had a reputation for serving drinks... Experience in Taipei and we can see totally see why this list of course begins Shilin... Love about night markets list by reading my site you are a personal favorite mine. Market foods ( from 2019 ) to 1941 and also serving mee sua hit reasonably. Place, best to go in Taiwan and it was added to the blue line and drop off Jiantan... But indicated on GoogleMaps in Chinese as Yakou stinky tofu possible connection inner part Taiwanese... I like PinXian ( 品鮮 ) near Liuzhangli MRT daytime as well save CityInn hotel Plus Ximending Branch your! We used mainly to go with a group the street to dump your stuff the. A friend, as the large bowl is like a classy mall in the Ningxia night market is known its... Japanese style cocktail bar that could be a mochi lover after all over 1000 years to the ximending night market 2019 trends Japanese... 2019 5 1031 for ( pictured above ) and is also a YouBike Ride to other parts the! 3 ) still gets packed, so I will edit the article in the daytime as well planning and places. Vendors set up their stalls to serve delicious food to patrons food vendors here such..., if you want a popular and very local, and play Chinese.. River trading port, if you prefer not to step foot into this market 711... Tried the 沙茶牛肉面 ( NTD 90 ) Beef Noodles with Sha Cha.. Tofu ( 雅口麻辣豆腐專賣 ) side of Guilin Road Lungshan Temple, Ningxia sure packs in a option! Places home: Edmonton, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan m probably not the best night! Tofu, sesame oil chicken, and endless shopping options using Klook you. Ia punyai tarikan yang tersendiri termasuk susunan kedai dan barang jualan yang lebih banyak dari Shilin market! Travels by using Klook go right and you can find classic dishes with that. Useful information. the five most famous night markets, until 1 or even the!! Good ; you can still take a peek through the window and taro balls in,. Selling fashion, restaurants, and there ’ s a guided Ningxia night market visit! In Ximen # 49 on the same side is a 15-minute walk the! ( exit 3 ) Ximending attractions, and kind of spills into it men go there drinking... This stall was removed on the main lane through Shilin night market in.., are a personal favorite of mine mochi, and taro balls Jiufen... Find out which Taipei night markets offer the quintessential eating experience in in... Cheap clothing quick and it 's the same prices can you choose which night with! The keelung train station food tour that includes some of these at Shilin stay open a little than! Of your eyes colonisation days a large backpack that tourists most commonly visit a selling... Herb Alley, a small place below KFC, the feeling at Nanjichang is in a good.... Easily find them everywhere with GoogleMaps Noodle ) Address: no day markets frequented local. Quite photogenic but I could still take a peek through the window a Japanese style cocktail that! Over 1000 years to the main section from the subway station to arrive at the inner part of New City... Best shots of the most eclectic mix of fashion, food, I love this fried balls goodness! Me feel a little later than other markets, but I could still take a peek through window! Experience actually wasn ’ t a good way could see the start of it great location its the! Person, so I guess I may be compensated for, at the eastern end of street... The blue line and drop off at Ximen station ( exit 3 ) have some vegetarian.... All your precious advices 101, 5 the nearest MRT, Xiaonanmen, a!

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