No theme music is played, and the logo remains in place instead of zooming out, with only "The Clone Wars" shown initially and the "Star Wars" border slowly fading in around it. Episode chronology It is directed by Saul Ruiz and written by Dave Filoni, and premiered on May 1, 2020.. After an intense battle on Mandalore, Maul has been captured and his forces are all but defeated. Windu tells the others that he senses a plot to destroy the Jedi, and that the dark side of the Force surrounds the Chancellor. He then tells the others that the Jedi have been marked for termination for treason against the Republic, and that any soldier who does not comply with the order to execute the Jedi will also be executed for treason. Mundi says that Palpatine must give up his emergency powers after Grievous has been destroyed or be removed from office. Directed by Dave Filoni, Saul Ruiz. Later, Ahsoka senses Anakin's fall to the dark side, even hearing the dialogue between him, Mace Windu and Sheev Palpatine in the latter's office right before Anakin cuts off Windu's hand (the scene uses archival dialogue from Revenge of the Sith). 19 BBY[4] Yoda asks, and Ahsoka tells him "No. 146 of 150 people found this review helpful. Share. The other troopers on the bridge receive a message, and they turn around, training their rifles on Ahsoka. The conversation between the Jedi Council members prior to Ahsoka's arrival occurs the same as it did in the movie. Ahsoka and Rex enter, and Ahsoka confirms her mission was a success, that they have captured Maul and she will escort Rex while he transports Maul to Coruscant. Shattered. Ahsoka says she learned from the best and that includes her, and Bo-Katan says she wishes she was good at something other than war, as she looks down at the wreckage of Peace Park. Captain Rex: *walks into the barracks* Okay boys, Commander Tano is back and we wanna show we appreciate her and all … “Shattered” begins where the last episode, “The Phantom Apprentice,” left off. Ahsoka asks if Satine had outlawed such devices, and Bo-Katan says she had, but this is the last one. Writer(s) Seven Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? This episode was amazing, it made me cry so many times. Ahsoka puts her hands on Rex's head and recites the Guardian's Mantra: "I am one with the Force and the Force is with me," with the unconscious Rex joining in. They surround Ahsoka and fire at her, but she deflects their blaster bolts into the ceiling, then leaps up through the hole. Bo-Katan says it is a relic of a bygone era, when the Mandalorians had reason to imprison "Force-wielding maniacs." A medical droid runs a scan on Rex, but it finds no anomaly. Saul Ruiz A snippet of the eerie score from S7E11 of Clone Wars. She asks if he was able to contact Anakin Skywalker, and he says he was in the meeting when they asked for her. What are we getting from The Clone Wars Season 7? Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Shattered" Review. Shattered It may make a HUGE difference in the end. 1 Synopsis 2 Index 2.1 Nieuw 2.2 Bekende personages Op Mandalore is Bo-Katan Kryze getuige van de gevangenschap van Gar Saxon en Rook Kast. Rex starts shaking, and he drops his helmet. before opening fire. The Kevin Kiner score for The Clone Wars season 7 episode "Shattered" will give you chills. It’s all been leading to this. An unofficial script for episode 11 of season 7 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Shattered.”. Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode 11 recap: Ahsoka's life is 'Shattered' as friend becomes foe. She tells Rex that she saw his report on Fives and that she knows he was programmed to turn against the Jedi. Rex tells them that he'll do it, drawing his pistols on Ahsoka and telling her to stay back. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Behind her, Rex recovers and draws his pistols, opening fire on the clones as G-G re-seals the door. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Skirmish aboard Ahsoka Tano's Star Destroyer, Star Wars: The Clone Wars | "Shattered" Clip | Disney+, Bucket List: "Shattered" - Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Run time Add the first question. After capturing Maul on Mandalore, Ahsoka's journey to the Jedi Council is disrupted when Order 66 is declared, turning her world upside down. Clone Wars Download: "Shattered" Go behind the scenes of "Shattered" from the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with executive producer Dave Filoni, cast, and crew, as they discuss Ahsoka and Rex's experience of Order 66, plus more! An officer tells Rex he is needed for a briefing. As they leave the ship, Rex notes she didn't tell them about Maul's prophecy regarding Skywalker. As Rex runs down the corridor, R7-A7 rolls in front of him, separating him from his squad. The renegade Sith Lord faced Ahsoka Tano in battle, and revealed … Ahsoka draws her lightsabers and deflects their blasters as they open fire, but is slowly overwhelmed. Ahsoka stares into hyperspace deep in thought, and Rex asks what's on her mind. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email. In the Ahsoka novel, Order 66 is implied to occur on Mandalore shortly after Maul's capture, and he is able to escape during the confusion.

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