Washing should be done every time the tank is close to getting to the Wash or EMP stations, assuming the half-room strategy is used. The battery carrier should call out when they start cooking, and if they see them as ready, but you need to keep an eye on the station icon while they cook to know in case the carrier is off using other stations. Damage dealt massively increased. You have to register before you can post. There is very little reason for a wash to be late in SM since the battery carrying is NOT a full-time job. If the timing seems to favor the Jet soon after the pool, you can wait until after Jet instead to give yourself more time to reposition the boss. Alternatively, many groups split this path into two stops; the first at, This strategy takes a bit longer and forces the group to deal with more adds than the first, but it allows the group to kill the adds before moving on, which is safer/easier, Other strategies exist, including ones that stop three times using. The Stims do different things depending on how they are used. Which tank takes which shot often depends on the strategy and tank class, optimizing based on how the group plans to deal with the adds (i.e. The tank baits the Pool away from the group, starts moving to a new spot as soon as the cast begins. In the second, you leave the Shield generator and retake the Control Center, which then gives you access to the compound itself. Two people should grab the Flares (the split will depend on your group; I prefer 2:4) and drop them in specific spots depending on strategy. Damage and Alacrity increased substantially. The other two (Kronissus and Titax) drop 1 minute later. Only one will light up at a time as voice lines guide you through it, but the small panel (blue circle) can be a bit hard to notice, especially since you have to click it multiple times. Other speed boosts should be used before (if running from. Later, after defeating the Trandoshans, the door to the right part of the upper facility (the door just past where the player arrow is in the lvl 2 map) and the path to the Huntmaster fight will open (more on that later). The Fires of Greus is a large ring around Greus (seen in the Fire Blast picture below). Once the battery is inserted, the door to the bottom elevator room (marked “Elevator to Trandos” on the map) is open, and you can continue. If you have enough stacks, let all the adds through; if your group is struggling with stacks, you can stun them and wait to minimize his stack loss, though he WILL shoot players.These phases repeat until he is pushed to 35%. The player affected gets a thin X over their head, marking them. Aim Red away from the group, which should be sitting fairly close to the flower. Crafty little crab! The next boss in the operation is actually two “bosses” (or, more accurately, “encounters”) that are mostly glorified add packs. The only non-creature you will see, their main ability of note is a Containment Taser conal aimed at the target. In the room past the hallway, you will see a Felshade Reaper and two Felshade Hunters waiting in the room. If you want to know more about me, click here to read about the person behind the blog, or here to see what characters I play. If walking into the Lounge doesn’t trigger the elevator, your stealther might have to track back to the elevator on the right. If you can’t do this, you will want to start knocking adds into the lake or otherwise killing them directly to help reduce the loss of Master of the Hunt Stacks. Knocking away anything underfoot. When Huntmaster is in this, he uses Concussive Shockwave on anyone who gets too close, knocking them away and dealing significant damage. Fortress looks like an omnidirectional Entrench/Hunker Down. The Simplest method is to constantly Flare while stacking everything together. Otherwise (and in harder modes) the off-tank runs the battery. They still drop mini Hydrochloric Pools that function the same way they did on Red. If the group is breaking canisters, you can still push Kron, or might have to do Titax if you’re worried about running out (again, in SM, you don’t need canisters to survive). Both of these strategies easily accommodate a single tank and (depending on the group) can even be done with a single healer, though 6 DPS should be extremely unnecessary (and a second healer will allow for higher stacks before needing to use a flower). Remember that he stops frequently, so give yourselves plenty of time to move him onto the tracks and kill him. At least compared to the three previous chapters. You might have to play around with how many adds your group needs to kill before Fortress to not over-stress healers or kill players. Any unused Flares/Stims will stay until the next encounter. Once Hissy dies, everyone focuses Titax. The Nature of Progress. Pulverize pounds the tank into the ground, preventing action. They can only be killed if a literal train runs them over while in this regenerating state (otherwise, they’ll jump out of the way), so it’s a good thing you’re at a subway station. Series of shots, knocks back closest target directly in front of Huntmaster. I suggest a sorcerer or sage healer be responsible for flares, as they have some of the best movement abilities in the game (force speed and phase walk). The stealther will have to make their way through the Lake Enclosure and into the Control room alone (see lake enclosure picture, if needed), and close the door. These are used to mitigate a lot of the damage from Titax Strike, though in SM not hitting one isn’t a death sentence. All bosses need to hit 15% on the tracks in order to be hit by the train – an early/misplaced push is quite punishing. The order in the image is (IMHO) the most logical, as it spares the train terminal and the right side of the tracks from green as much as possible by starting in the top left corner of the map, moving towards the tracks and finally (if necessary) using the two canisters near the train terminal. 7/21/2020 - Game Update 6.1.2c. Lowest health pool (together with Kron) and a Thermal Chaotic Evolution (mutation). SWTOR Nature of Progress Veteran Mode Operation Guide December 4, 2020 A complete guide to SWTOR’s Nature of Progress Operation on Dxun in Veteran Mode. This will also mark the first time you will have to deal with either type of Felshade. Ideally, a stealther does this, so they don’t have to fight any more adds. Have the tank keep the boss aimed away (while stayin in the circle), in case Red casts Jet. Seek the Dark – Moves the caster away from the nearest light source. The 8m battery pattern starts as follows: After the first EMP the pattern diverges somewhat, but the priorities remain the same: Care also needs to be taken to keep Apex from using  Photogenesis to regenerate health above his Peak Performance stacks, therefore minimizing the amount of time the battery spends in the light. Looking for the Nature of Progress VETERAN MODE Guide? Happy Holidays Everyone. The tanks can also just keep Shelleigh at the edge of the lake, with a tank to each side and the group between them (T1/T2 and Group in the image above). Everyone should gather together for AoE heals, shields, etc. Stun abilities and speed boosts help here. In a transcendent state of lethal focus. If you go with the first option, the tactic will be to have the tank go out after  Primal Fear (or right before, burning a cooldown) and bait the adds to the edge of the lake. The tactics for this boss barely change from SM, but the adds are more punishing and require tighter coordination. Regenerates health when light is on, and drops stacks of Darkness Overdrive. Not sure if this will get much traction being on reddit, but after having to teach a few groups how to do Dxun, I thought I'd try starting a little thread. They correspond to the same icons the boss gains over his shoulders. Adds will leap on anyone leaving the light. Immune to taunts. Killing these will leave a small yellow ring that explodes a few seconds later. Primal Fear is a 6second buff (debuff) that causes everyone/thing to do a lot less damage. If no (lesser) adds have spawned behind you or are still alive when the door opens, you can skip these by hugging the right wall (path in image below), using no moves while near them and avoiding getting hit by the AoE knockdowns the Reapers do. Have DPS swap to the adds – this makes Shellieigh easier (she dies fast), but also prolongs the fight with Huntmaster, potentially adding an extra, If you want to kite her, the tank starts running in a large ring around the map (path in the image), with the other tank (or DwT) ready to taunt if she does, If you want to hold her in place, each tank takes one side of the lake, with the group further mid, keeping Shelleigh in the middle where she comes out (T1/T2 and Group in the image – ignore path). Seek the Dark – Moves the caster away from the nearest light source. This means they take damage as they run around, sometimes far away from the main group (so a healer needs to watch them, and break off to heal them as necessary). Click the center console to start the fans. As it stays on, it stacks, doing progressively more damage. If done right, this method is simpler (the tank negates the whole mechanic, basically), but it takes a while to get right (and getting it wrong might mean the whole group eats a lot of unnecessary damage. Once inside the room, you will find Stims and Flares. This can be done by a non-stealther, but the timings are a bit tighter. The Flesh Eating Shrieks reduce defense (1% per stack), and the Venomous Stalker adds hit with a slow (up to 70%, instead of the 40% in SM) and drop a pool that should be avoided, but are otherwise simple trash. As you work on this, he will cycle between the Light phase and the Holdout phase. ... 21 Jul 00:00 The SWTOR Team on News - Thread - Direct. Your goal is to stay in the light. Full-room strat allows for a continuous circle around the room, placing extra circles in the front end of the room, while only dropping one acid blast between each station in the remaining side of the room. Game Update 6.1.2. This buff makes them do and take 20% more damage for each defeated Trandoshan. Requires a tank swap. Adds will leap on anyone leaving the light. Fan station should be powered on after Apex casts Red Venom Cloud. These will be located in various spots; Once the right one is found (usually, whichever you click on last), you can go up the steps at the bottom right of the image, where you’ll walk a bit down a hallway and jump through a broken window to fall into the Train Station where you will face the Mutant Trandoshans.

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