Optimus Primal used Airazor to try to sneak Rattrap into the Predacon base to find out what Megatron was up to, but Megatron, of course, found them on his scanners and politely asked them to leave. Rhinox replaced the damaged locking chip in the protoform with one donated by Cheetor. Affiliation: Primarily used for recon and surveillance due to her aerial alternate mode, Airazor's talents are a great asset to the Maximal cause. Thanks to the Quantum Surge, Airazor became a Transmetal. First American toy designed to be a girl from the start. The zombie Airazor battled Tigatron, although Tigatron could not bring himself to hurt Airazor. Her optical matrix scanners can detect Predacon ground movement from 30,000 feet while her armor-ripping talons send fearful sparks through the Predacon army. More Buying Choices $156.50 (7 new offers) Ages: 15 years and up. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. Already quick as lightning, her jets furnish extra high-level acceleration and agility. Continuity: Function: She came into conflict once with the Decepticon agent Flamewar. [12] The two are shown to have strong feelings for each other, and sadly Airazor is among the many Cybertrons reverted to a Protoform state and placed in a Stasis pod as a result of the events depicted therein. Airazor is the name of three fictional characters from the Transformers series. overall No. [5]. Airazor rescued Tigatron when he was ambushed by Predacons on the island, but she was damaged badly. Airazor returned from the dead in the pages of the Transformers: Universe Wreckers comic book series, as a transmetal. Back on Cybertron, she led a team of unstoppable female Maximals who had awesome special powers like all your favorite Autobots but totally better. Unleash the primal power of the beasts with this Airazor collectible figure, featuring a detailed beast mode with intricate molded feather texture. It would be later discovered that they were captured by the alien race known as the Vok, who used the bodies and sparks of Tigatron and Airazor to form the powerful Vok emissary: Tigerhawk. Inferno pursued Packrat, but since Packrat didn't need to assume beast mode with the armor on, he got the upper hand in the fight with Inferno. Due to the circumstances of her "birth," she sees Rhinox as something of an uncle-figure and Cheetor as the sibling she never had. Critical Mass. Other Visits (Part 1), Airazor and Tigatron were kept in a form of stasis until near the end of the Beast Wars, when they were merged into the powerful being Tigerhawk. Primeval Dawn, From chick to guy and back to chick! The planet abounds in mystery, with vast deposits of raw energon and evidence of alien activity. Basic1 1. The call of adventure captured her interest, and instead of handing over the Chromia 10 to Unit 2, she allowed him to hitch a ride, piloting it herself. She shares his love for the beautiful planet on which the Maximals are stranded, and it is on this planet where their destiny will be forever intertwined. Alternate Mode: Her aerial beast mode, at the time, made her the only Maximal other than Optimus who could fly. Clash and Wrath of the Cybertronian Titans, https://beast-wars.fandom.com/wiki/Airazor?oldid=5995, Cybertronian Jet, peregrine falcon, transmetal falcon, Aerial Recon (Beast Wars), Squadron Leader (Timelines), Hero 4th Edition role playing game character sheet for. Tarantulas managed to capture Tigerhawk and removed the Vok's influence from his frame (and absorbed it into himself), letting Airazor and Tigatron's sparks inhabit Tigerhawk's body. Falcon. Video review de Airazor Kingdom. In Japan, Airazor was portrayed as being male, with his relationship with Tigatron being depicted (awkwardly) as mentor and protege. This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. Some of Airazor's best (or worst) moments in Beast Wars! Airazor is the name of three fictional characters from the Transformers series. Fractyl convinced Rhinox that the armor was a threat to them all. Although seemingly successful, the armor was stolen by the Maximal thief Packrat. "Airazor" at first refused, but suggested she was open to ... persuasion. Airazor was one of the stars of the 1997 Botcon Convention Comics, a story set near the end of season one of the Beast Wars television series. The remaining Vok assembled warriors to end this threat, creating Primal Prime and giving new Transmetal bodies to the extant Sparks of Airazor and Tigatron. The evil Airazor did battle with Tigatron, who did not want to fight the robot he loved. Check out this first look at Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Beast Wars Airazor and Generation 1 Huffer from safetykorea.kr UPDATE: new images of Beast Wars Dinobot and Generation 1 Inferno and Ultra Magnus added. I am a symptom of the retroactive ruination of Beast Wars. code; 1: 1 "Beast Wars, Part 1" Ian Pearson: Bob Forward: September 16, 1996 (): 01: After travelling into the distant past via a transwarp drive, the Maximals battle the Predacons in outer space, but both ships crash land on a mysterious planet. [3][4] She has platinum coated claws. Hi Friends, Welcome to a Review on the Beast Wars Transformers Airazor. And what is she doing to Optimus' leg?? Accessories: Blaster 1. The battle ended catastrophically, and Ramulus, Airazor, and Tigatron were forced to carry a critically-wounded Primal Prime back to the Ark after Tarantulas ripped the Matrix of Leadership from his chest. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. She is also sometimes called Wing Saber. Posted on January 9, 2021 at 4:05 pm by Black Convoy under Beast Wars, Generations / Classics Thanks to our very own Fc203 we can share for you some new stock images of the upcoming Transformers Kingdom Wave 2 Deluxe Arcee, Ractonite, Huffer & Airazor figures. Blackarachnia and Scorponok were sent by Megatron to retrieve the pod. Has anyone noticed that she's just a little...strange? The gender-dub was already set in place by the time the dubbers received the episodes where Tigatron and Airazor became more intimate, so Airazor's relationship with Tigatron was played off somewhat differently to avoid complaints of homosexuality. The airazor figure (released in 1997) included with this set is a show accurate repaint unlike the original release. Desiring another death over harming her, Tigatron gave her one of his katana an… This maneuver left her vulnerable to Ravage's gunfire, which knocked her out of the air. Cheetor arrived, but was too late, and loudly protested the loss of two of his best friends. When her stasis pod crashed, the locking chip of Airazor's protoform was damaged. Tigerhawk returned to Earth as the emissary of the Vok to stop the deterioration that the Beast Wars were causing to the timestream, his first act being to destroy the Darksyde, sending the Predacons scrambling. This is about The Transformers, Beast Wars and Beast Machines, NOT HOUSE OF … In the Japanese dub of Beast Wars, Airazor was turned into a boy as a means to (hopefully) increase toy-sales. Zabawki były połączone z w pełni komputerowym serialem umiejscowionym w pierwotnym wszechświecie Transformers (znanym z Generation 1). Airazor's gender in the Hasbro line is due to Beast Wars story editors Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio's insistence. Optimus Primal forced his way inside, with the help of the Predacons, and traded himself to the aliens for Airazor. This knocked Rhinox into stasis lock, but started the DNA scanners for the stasis pod. The island, however, was covered in booby-traps which were triggered by the use of energy weapons. All Voice lines sourced from Beast Wars TV show. It's a bird, it's a... no, that's definitely a bird. A routine reconnaissance mission went awry when Wing Saber was captured by the Predacon torturer, Steelgrave. The Energon forces the newly arrived Transformers to take on protective beast forms to shield themselves from the ambient Energon radiation. Airazor was once a Maximal named Wing Saber. Gone Too Far. Airazor (Basic, 1997) 1.1. Airazor also appears in IDW Publishing's ongoing Transformers: Generation 1 based comics. Airazor sacrificed herself to break Tigatron out of it, with her spark entering his body and merging onto Tigatron's spark, which had him evolve to Tigerhawk as a result. Takara official social channel has posted some new in-hand images of the Transformers Kingdom KD-09 Airazor figure. Toy converts to Beast Wars-inspired falcon mode in 22 steps, featuring wing, lower beak, and tail feather articulation that allow for more realistic falcon poses. [7], In Beast Wars, Airazor was one of the protoforms from the Maximal ship called the Axalon commanded by Optimus Primal, which chased the Predacon criminal Megatron through transwarp space after the theft of the Golden Disk. As Airazor and Tigatron conferred with the seemingly absent Vok, Airazor experienced great pains due to her battle wounds. She's calm and confident, but also adventurous and brave, with a healthy supply of dry humor. Support the channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TJOmega Look, up in the sky! She heads up one of the numerous Maximal squadrons assigned to prevent any rogue Predacon factions from operating outside the terms of the Pax Cybertronia. Later, Airazor's spark became separated from her body, with her body becoming host to a malevolent force. [8]. Dawn of Future's Past, Her stasis pod damaged upon crashing to Earth, Airazor was able to come online due to the genius of Rhinox and the bravery of Cheetor. I want to tell you about the Transformers! Airazor also feels a special relationship to Rhinox who is sort of an "uncle" to her, due mostly in part to his large role in her rescue. The Maximal who would become Airazor was boarding her ship, the Chromia 10, when Unit 2 approached and demanded use of it. A quantum surge has completely rearranged Airazor's structure to include a metal-armor coating and a pontoon plane substructure to provide the advantage of sea reconnaissance. (You're sure about that, right?). Rhinox deftly operated the stasis pod's controls and Cheetor offered up his own components to repair it. Airazor in the Beast Wars TV show. The protoform was formatted to the form of a falcon which was flying overhead just as Terrorsaur arrived. Before she was Air-Razor she was known as Wing Saber back on Cybertron. [6], Airazor was named the 3rd worst upgrade in Beast Wars history Topless Robot. Airazor - Beast Wars Transformers - Toy Gallery, https://transformers.fandom.com/wiki/Airazor_(BW)?oldid=478327, Airazor and Dinobot never speak to each other throughout the show. The Predacons who stole the Golden Disk artifact were pursued by Unit 2, who was granted clearance from Maximal Defense Command to commandeer transport. The story arc's cancellation meant that Airazor's part in the final battles is unknown, and she was not among those Maximals who returned to Cybertron and became members of the Wreckers. As their sparks merged, they became Tigerhawk. On his way back to base, Tigatron discovered Scorponok and disabled him, but was in turn ambushed by Blackarachnia. She devotes most of her efforts, however, to taming the wild yet gentle Tigatron. WFC-K14 Deluxe Airazor The WFC-K14 Deluxe Airazor stands at 5.5 inches, and converts into a Beast Wars-inspired falcon in 22 steps. The following text is an excerpt from the official Beast Wars Story Bible, written by Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio. Other Victories. Rhinox had to run the sequencer program for the protoform through his own processor to keep it alive. This is one of the rarest beast wars toys in the history of the line. AIRAZOR Series: Beast Wars Allegiance: Maximal Categories: Deluxe Transmetal Function: Aerial Recon Year: 1998 A quantum surge has completely rearranged Airazor's structure to include a metal-armor coating and a pontoon plane substructure to provide the advantage of sea reconnaissance. The island was ultimately destroyed, much to the sadness and outrage of Tigatron, and he would have secluded himself from the other Maximals further if not for Airazor's concern. Shortly afterward, however, Tigerhawk was killed in a standoff with the Nemesis after Megatron retrieved it from the ocean floor. Unbeknownst to Megatron, the ploy was a decoy for Tigatron's infiltration. Toy converts to Beast Wars-inspired falcon mode in 22 steps, featuring wing, lower beak, and tail feather articulation that allow for more realistic falcon poses. Tigatron was eventually freed from Tarantulas's control, but not before his out-of-control body delivered a fatal blow to Airazor. Rhinox was able to talk Packrat into giving up the armor, which Fractyl aided them in doing. According to the Transformers Collectors Club exclusive fiction The Razor's Edge before the Beast Wars Airazor was known as Wing Saber. Their first big adventure together came when a flying island paradise was discovered. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Maximal who would become Airazor was boarding her ship, the Chromia 10, when Unit 2 approached and demanded use of it. Tigatron's voice was dominant, but Tigerhawk's personality and mannerisms were an amalgam of Tigatron and Airazor's. Nearing death, Tigatron was saved by the arrival of Airazor and Optimus Primal. The Axalon's cargo of Maximal protoforms in stasis pods had been launched into orbit before the crash, but eventually Airazor's pod fell to Earth. Rhinox took her back to the Axalon, introducing her to Optimus Primal and Rattrap (“The Spark”). Beast Wars Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Hearing the battle, Airazor, Cheetor and Rhinox joined Packrat. In the Convention Comics plot, Inferno and Blackarachnia watched as the Predacon scientist Fractyl attempted to invent Energon Armor capable of protecting them from Energon build up. Airazor immediately saved Tigatron's life, knocking Spittor aside before Tigatron would have unwittingly come in contact with Spittor's body, covered entirely in cyber-venom. Airazor is very fast and efficient in battle. After the Beast Wars were over, Tarantulas, presumed destroyed, existed in a new, undead form that was fueled by his new Vok powers. BEAST WARS Latinoamérica Today at 6:48 PM Un Twit del dibujante del nuevo comic IDW Beast Wars, Josh Burcham, ... reta a Hasbro a que haga un remolde de Airazor Kingdom para hacer a Nyx, la nueva Maximal del comic. Cheetor confronted Blackarachnia, keeping her from getting to Rhinox and the protoform. FREE Shipping. When the Maximals had to deploy stasis pods into orbit before crash-landing on Earth, Airazor's pod was the third to land but the second maximal to join the war. It's a metal bird that turns into a plane with pontoons. $159.99 $ 159. The Spark, She and Tigatron started to team up more frequently, a prospect Airazor seemed to welcome, but Tigatron preferred to work alone. Beast Wars opens at an unspecified time and place, where two warring factions of robots have crashed on a strange planet populated by animals like those on Earth. Tigerhawk was destroyed by the Nemesis (“Nemesis Part 2”). As the evil Airazor struck him with the sword, the real Airazor's spark entered Tigatron's body. In this way, Airazor would remain with Tigerhawk. She searched for Tigatron while helping the others like the confrontation with Rampage, but when she found him, she was devastated to see him under Tarantulas' control. No. Serial zadebiutował w 1996 jako kontynuacja pierwszego serialu – Generacji 1. Twenty years ago, Beast Wars, a creature of a sloth, transformed into a robot. Rhinox was the first to arrive at the crash site and discovered the pod was damaged and the protoform was dying. During the ensuing firefight, the Chromia 10 was badly damaged. When the dead Tigatron was resurrected due to the machinations of Megatron, his lover, Airazorwas also revived, but as a mindless zombie. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tigatron was presented as a samurai retainer with protective feelings towards his young ward; their closeness addressed in a "brotherly" sort of way. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Spider's Game, After the realization that the aliens who seeded their planet with traps and energon were returning to destroy it, the Maximals and Predacons entered a truce. Airazor appeared as part of the Beast Wars: Primeval Dawn storyline, in which she and Tigatron were sent back to Earth to aid the newly born Maximal commander Primal Prime against the evil Tarantulas. "Airazor" at first refused, but suggested she was open to "persuasion", as she put it. Airazor The Maximals and Predacons crashed on prehistoric Earth, where high Energon levels threatened to destroy the crew unless they adopted organic alternate modes. Airazor was a new Maximal who joined Optimus Primal's team on Prehistoric Earth during the Beast Wars. Unleash the primal power of the beasts with this Airazor collectible figure, featuring a detailed beast mode with intricate molded feather texture. Beast Wars Nuevas imágenes de Airazor, Ractonite, Arcee y Huffer de la linea Transformers Kingdom. This bond is a unique sibling relationship among the Maximals on Earth. The original Airazor toy wasn't developed with a specific gender in mind, and Bob & Larry wanted a larger female presence in the show, and the Airazor toy seemed as good a choice as any. All version of Airazor are depicted as heroic flying Transformers. Transformers Beast Wars Airazor toy. While on their search, the two Maximals discovered not only a remarkably beautiful valley, but a strange plant. Her wrist mounted missile blasters once tore Predacon warrior Terrorsaur to pieces and she is never one to back down from a challenge. La figura es muy censilla de transformar, sin duda esta basado en el proceso de la figura original; la persona del review olvido girar los pies para el modo robot. [9], Airazor appeared in Gone Too Far and Withered Hope by Fun Publications. Part of the first wave of year-two Beast Warsproduct, Airazor transforms into a somewhat generic falcon (or some other bird of prey). [1], Airazor in the Beast Wars animated series, Transformers: Timelines Airazor had a biography in the Beast Wars Sourcebook. [13][14], Airazor appeared in the 2006 TransformersCon voice actor play Battle of the Bootlegs. Airazor ended up having to rescue Cheetor, who had darted off ahead of them and gotten blasted. Much like the TV series, except that Airazor was TransMetalized herself. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. A list of characters who appeared in both the Beast Wars and Beast Machines show. [15], Airazor appears as a character in the Nintendo 64 version of the 1999 video game Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals.[16]. The Razor's Edge. The Trigger, Part 2, Soon after, the Predacons beat Tigatron to another stasis pod, reprogramming it and unleashing Inferno. Cheetor then arrived to help Rhinox save the protoform. Despite that, there was still enough innuendo left-over in their dialogue and body language for their relationship to have a romantic subtext. Airazor appeared in the BotCon 2016 story Transformers: Dawn of the Predacus, where she serves in Autobot Unit-2 under Tigatron. After the battle was resolved, she and the other Maximals fled, pretending to be beaten by the timid Fractyl to increase his standing in Megatron's eyes. Optimus Primal had "Airazor" and Unit 2's Sparks remotely uploaded to blank protoforms in the Axalon's cargo hold, which saved their lives, but severely damaged their core mainframes. r/beastwars: All about Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Beast Wars II and Neo. Her aerial skill in either mode, incredibly sharp eyesight and steady aim make her a dangerous opponent. Blackarachinia and Fractyl realized the energon armor was flawed and could destroy the planet if it came in contact with large amounts of energon. lol Although she escaped, Wing Saber b… The toy company Hasbro has a Trademark on the name Airazor. ~RacerCheetor~ New images from Airazor, Ractonite, Arcee … WHY? Maximals As the two looked into each other's eyes and held hands in quiet celebration, the plant transformed into another Vok device, and as they clasped hands, declaring their love to exist beyond the throes of death, the two were absorbed and shot into space. Before the Storm The aliens arrived and a new alien structure was built, trapping Airazor, who was tortured. Beast Wars Metals #3. Cheetor then tried to lure Waspinator and Terrorsaur away from the pod, but Terrorsaur got the best of him. With them, she once dressed up like sexy servodroids, and she also fought the original Megatron, but it turned out he was actually someone else in a big Megatron costume. Megatron was impressed with Fractyl's new found battle prowess. Despite his array of fiendish devices and Bond-villain mentality, Wing Saber was able to elude Steelgrave and fight her way through his henchmen before retreating to her cloaked starship, the Chromia 10. Tigerhawk is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. Airazor is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. But before she could explain, the Ark was under attack by Ravage and the Predacons. Because of this Airazor shares also a special bond with Cheetor, who allowed some of his circuitry to be used in keeping Airazor's protoform alive. She took the beast form of a Peregrine Falcon and became the Maximal's flying scout. The Predacons who stole the Golden Disk were pursued by Unit 2, who was granted clearance from Maximal Defense Command to commandeer transport. Airazor's calm and confident, but also adventurous and brave, with a healthy supply of dry humor. Tigatron carried her on his back, refusing to leave her behind. The Chromia 10 intercepted the Predacons' ship, the Darksyde , which was engaged in battle with the Axalon and guarded by a mysterious third ship. He is a member of the Maximals.His beast mode is a fusion between a Tiger and a Peregrine Falcon.He is a Vok emissary created when the Vok aliens fused the sparks of both Tigatron and Airazor. The closest they got to each other was when they stood side by side at the end of ". Airazor, who transforms into a twin-nosed jet, is a police-bot within the TransTech city of Axiom Nexus. The Maximals and Predacons crashed on prehistoric Earth, where high Energon levels threatened to destroy the crew unless they adopted organic alternate modes. In this version, it is the Vok who give Airazor her Transmetal form. Airazor was a Maximal and soldier during the Beast Wars on the show with the same name. The call of adventure captured her interest, and instead of handing over the Chromia 10 to Unit 2, she allowed him to hitch a ride, piloting it herself. Once again, Airazor tried to work with Tigatron, but, once again, he insisted that he work alone. Airazor. Airazor follows the pattern for many Beast Wars figures in her size class, which essentially means she has a very simplistic transformation. She works for security in the city of Axiom Nexus.[10][11]. Tigerhawk in the Beast Wars TV show. ! Hasbro Transformers Masterpiece MP46 Beast Wars Blackwidow Action Figure. She was right, because then Tigatron got shot up a lot. Cheetor contacted Tigatron and told the tiger to contact base with the news. Discounting Dinobot, Airazor is the first Maximal not to have a mammal for an alt mode in the show. When Blackarachnia arrived with Megatron, Packrat suggested that Fractyl pretend to be attacking the Maximals, who fled. Optimus Primal had their sparks remotely uploaded to blank protoforms in the Axalon'scargohold, which saved their lives, but severely damaged their core mainframes.

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