The MIT Press, 2006. When I ask Sherman if she has ever been interested in the extensive theoretical discourse around her work, she laughs: ‘No, no. The art world was not interested in photography, while her fellow photographers were not interested in art. "He saw it all as reflecting on him." Yeah! For more than 40 years, Sherman has appeared in nearly all of her work, but never as herself. She laughs. ", But by the time she got to college, make-up was a no-no among self-respecting liberated women. There is something profoundly uncanny about seeing Cindy Sherman in person for the first time. Enjoy the best Cindy Sherman Quotes at BrainyQuote. Sherman is one of the world's leading artists – for 30 years, she has starred in all her photographs – and yet the more we see of her, the less recognisable she is. For Guild Hall curator Christina Strassfield, a show on minimalism was a no brainer. I love weird stuff; a good, weird flea market anywhere is really my favourite place to be.’, Cindy Sherman photographed in her studio in New York in Aprill 2019. As a little girl, she'd visit thrift shops with her mother for outfits and back at home she amassed a suitcase of prom dresses. It is composed primarily of interviews between creative people working in a variety of disciplines—visual art, literature, film, music, theater, architecture, and dance. I never thought about it; it was just in a file somewhere,’ Sherman says. © Cindy Sherman, Untitled (2010) from Sherman’s latest work. She points to a pair of miniature crowns: ‘I just got those at the Paris flea market, and I don’t know what I’m going to use them for, but it seemed like they had the potential for something. "The pictures were meant to be disturbing. It will include examples of all Sherman’s major bodies of work – including all 70 photographs from her breakthrough series, the Untitled Film Stills (1977–80), as well as a number of rarely exhibited works from the mid 1970s. You weren't meant to think, 'Ah, OK, who's this cutie here?' Everybody knows it’s not real anyway.’. Sherman has often taken on fashion collaborations, beginning with a series of ads for the boutique Dianne B, which ran in Interview magazine in 1983. Paul H-O and Cindy Sherman . Cindy Sherman wurde in Glen Ridge im US-Bundesstaat New Jersey geboren und wuchs in Huntington in New York als jüngstes von fünf Kindern auf. "The one weird thing about being with David Byrne was I'd be like, 'God, David, don't you get sick of these people coming up you?' Cindy Sherman’s earliest photographic work displayed her posed tauntingly in sets. American, born 1954. The works originated with a commission from Harper’s Bazaar in 2016, proposing that she take on the theme of street style. And yet, with her subtle digital manipulations, it is still hard to find the real Sherman in these pictures. My self-esteem still fluctuates." Cindy Sherman Feb 26–Jun 11, 2012 Cindy Sherman Feb 26–Jun 11, 2012 How we identified these works. Then, she photographed herself nude. There is something profoundly uncanny about seeing Cindy Sherman in person for the first time. Is the cleavage real? Photograph: Courtesy Sprüth Magers Berlin London and Metro Pictures. ISBN 978-0-9712195-8-8. ‘I change these when I’m really working on something, when I need different frames of reference,’ she says, gesturing towards one group of pictures in which 1920s Hollywood actresses feature prominently. she laughs. We go upstairs to look at the new exhibition, which papers the walls from top to bottom. Celebrity pictures and photos from the world's first and only micro stock celebrity photo agency. Quotations by Cindy Sherman, American Photographer, Born January 19, 1954. While that worked for print, ‘It didn’t really translate in my mind as a big blown-up photograph.’ Over the next two years, she experimented with backgrounds in an attempt to make the images seem ‘a little more iconic’. ‘When I’d look through [boxes of family photos], I’d always ask my mother “Which one of those is me?” I guess it became interesting to me to pick myself out of a group of people,’ Sherman tells me. She can't believe now that at 14 she was wearing girdles and projectile bras. Her collection of eccentric outfits was growing, she was still into dressing up, and sometimes she would go out socially "in character". Cindy Sherman talks to Simon Hattenstone about family, break-ups, $1m pictures… and why she can't keep herself out of her art, Untitled Film Still #3 (1977). In the following interview, Sherman walks Art21 through the exhibition and discusses the ideas behind individual photographs as well as the overall series. ‘The difference, and I think it’s a big difference,’ she says, ‘is that […] I’m trying to erase myself more than identify myself or reveal myself. and then you go, 'Oh! This was when she found herself at odds with feminist critiques. "There's a theory that there were so many women photographers at the time because we felt nobody else was doing it. When I ask if she sees her work anticipating a culture of selfies and social-media performance, she demurs: ‘I don’t think of it like that; I can see the connection, but with completely different goals.’ More recently, however, she has begun to experiment with the selfie format on her Instagram, though she approaches it with a characteristically rebellious spirit, using apps such as Facetune and Perfect365 against the grain – to contort her face into bizarre, alien forms rather than erase its imperfections. St. Louis, Missouri: Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, 2006. One corner is dominated by a green screen and littered with studio lights and camera equipment. She turns to the picture of herself as Marilyn Monroe. She took photos of herself that were anything but self-portraits; photos that stuck two fingers at the then received wisdom that the camera never lies – her camera always lied. We meet at Sprüth Magers, a tiny gallery in central London that is holding an exhibition of her new work. She nicknamed the series ‘Project Twirl’: ‘These women go to [runway shows] and have their limos let them off like two blocks before the show, so they can walk in front of all the photographers and do a little twirl, or a little dance, and get their photographs taken. Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills. She felt disliked? The photographs were almost immediately celebrated by critics and curators, establishing her reputation as a leading artist of the ‘Pictures Generation’. Arguably, Sherman’s experiments with masquerade began when she was growing up in suburban Long Island. "It was partly that, but, to be really psychological about it, it was also partly, 'If you don't like me this way, how about you like me this way?' "I probably went around going, 'It's OK, I'll fix it. cindy sherman. With the help of stage make-up, prosthetics, wigs, costumes and, more recently, digital tools, she has shapeshifted into hundreds of characters, among them B-movie ingénues, terrifying clowns, Renaissance Madonnas, and society matrons. Cindy Sherman… "Well, not so much any more." Private collection, Paris. After college, in 1977, Sherman moved to New York City with her then-boyfriend, the artist Robert Longo, and began working on what would become the Untitled Film Stills: a series of black-and-white photographs modelled on promotional images for 1940s and ’50s movies, in which she cast herself in different archetypal female roles.

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